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The Dress | Wedding Photography

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

I love photographing wedding dresses! After all, you probably spent a lot of time looking for the perfect dress, and possibly a good amount of money on it, so I want to make sure to capture it!

I always take the dress somewhere to photograph it. It depends on where we are at that time, whether it be the venue or the "getting ready" spot, such as a hotel or home. Regardless, I always find somewhere to hang it and grab some images of it.

Wedding dresses are full of details. Lots of detailed stitching, some have buttons, beads, pearls, gemstones, etc...I enjoy using my macro lens to capture close-ups of these details.

Pretty hangers make the dress photos even prettier! There are different places that sell them. Etsy is a good one! You can have them customized with names, your wedding date or simply one that says Bride.

However, if you don't get one- no worries! I usually have one on hand that I bring with me. :)

I try and get some classy photos of the dress, but also enjoy finding some creative spots to photograph it, as well. Windows and light behind it always bring out the details and make it look beautiful!

I do the dress photos soon after I arrive on your wedding day. That way those images are done before you put it on!


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~Nicole Hardy, Photographer

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