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Kaitlin + Mason | Wedding Photography | South Bend, Indiana

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Kaitlin & Mason's wedding has two parts, due to the fact that it was interrupted by Covid. But they made it work and both parts where beautiful!

Part 1 - This was the originally planned wedding day minus a lot of people! They went ahead and had their ceremony so they could tie the knot with just a few close family members. I was able to capture it from afar, with the help of my zoom lens.

When Mason saw her walking down the isle. I love capturing those expressions. So much joy on his face.

Tears of joy to get to have this day...even if it wasn't as planned.

Moments while exchanging vows...such an emotional but wonderful time.

After the ring exchange, they did the unity sand pouring ceremony. This is where both bride & groom pour sand from separate vessels into one vessel, combining them. This signifies unity and the two individuals becoming one.

You may kiss the bride!

Next, I grabbed a few photos of them signing the marriage license.

We did some formal & creative photos inside the church.

Great looking couple!

A few details...

This completes Part 1 of their wedding day! It may not have been the big wedding they wanted on that day, but it was very special nonetheless. After the pandemic started to lessen up they were able to have the rest of the wedding on another date....onto Part 2.

Part 2

We started at Howard Park in South Bend for formal photos, this time WITH their wedding party!


This is a moment I like to catch, Masons mom putting his boutonniere on...

Next we did the formal and creative photos with just Kaitlin & Mason.

After that we headed to another spot for the family group photos. I really liked the red doors Kaitlin wanted to use for these photos. Here are a few previews.

Next we headed to the are a few detail shots. I love the ambient lighting, it makes for pretty photos! And the glow sticks, rings, necklaces, etc...were a big hit!

And check out Mason's tie clip...I made sure to snap a pic of that fun detail!

I did a few more ring shots, I was getting creative with these!

The wedding party came in to be announced - masked up - and all...

They went right into the toasts from the Maid of Honor and Best Man. They were super sweet & funny. :)

Check out their amazing superhero cool!!

Cake cutting fun!

The parent special.

First dance with Kaitlin & Mason. I love capturing this...

The bouquet toss photos are always fun!!

Next up was the garter's always hilarious to watch the guys go after it!

Dancing, candid photos, group photos, and more reception fun!!

I was extremely happy that Part 2 turned out so well since they had to wait so long for it!

Thank you so very much, Kaitlin & Mason for having me capture your wedding! It was such a pleasure to work with you both and I hope you enjoy the images for years to come!! ~Nicole


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