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How am I different than other Photographers?

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

What makes me different from other Photographers?

I was recently asked this during a consultation with a bride. The answer is: I don’t know. Simply, because I don’t know how other photographers run their business BUT what I DO know is this:

• I will be available to answer any questions you have while planning and leading up to your wedding day. If you send me a message- I will reply right away! Or as soon as possible. I don’t like to keep people waiting because I don’t like to wait myself.

• I will arrive looking professional and dressed as if I’m attending the wedding.

• I will do my absolute best on your wedding day. You will not see me sitting around. I am constantly on the lookout for photo op’s and consistently checking the timeline for what photos are next, to make things go as smooth as possible.

• My behavior will always be professional and respectful when dealing with the other vendors and guests. I also will work with the other vendors if need be.

• I will accommodate your photo requests at any time. After all, this is your day and your the one paying for it. I will take the formal photos but also suggest ideas for other fun, creative images.

• I always look for special moments to capture.

• I love clean, bright colors. I might pose you in front of a cool door or window, or surrounded by beautiful flowers, leaves or trees. I also love barn wood & brick. Don't worry if these things are not available at your wedding location, we always find photo spots. If the bride has a long veil or train on her dress, I enjoy capturing some fun, creative shots with that, as well!

• I keep my eye out for a beautiful sky, sunset or rainbow which usually happens while your busy at the reception, therefore, I will find you and see if you want to sneak out for a few pics!

• In addition to color, I also love black & white images. Especially on images that show emotion. My clients receive a combination of both.

• After your wedding, I will be working hard to get your images to you as quickly as I can. It does take time since there are a lot of photos from a wedding. I make sure to share some sneak peeks <as soon as possible> because I know your itching to see some. I will continue to follow-up with you and give you updates on your images after your event just as I did before your event.☺

As always, contact me anytime with questions!!

Have a great day!!


Thank you for visiting my blog!♡

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~Nicole Hardy, Photographer

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