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Choosing Wedding Colors

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Deciding what colors to use for your wedding may be hard at first. Here are some tips to help guide you when choosing and what works best from a photography standpoint.

1. Keep in mind your venue style. Is it fancy or laid back? Modern or vintage? Country or classy? This may help determine colors. Find out if they have specific decor that has color that you need to know about to coordinate.

2. Consider the season your wedding will take place when deciding on colors. If it is summer, what colors look best against the pretty green foliage & flowers at the location we will be doing photos? If it's fall, think about what colors would look nice with the fall backdrop outdoors when the leaves change colors. What colors might pop against those backdrops?

3. If you have your heart set on a certain kind/color of flower for your wedding, choose the flowers first. After you know what flowers you will have, that will help you determine your colors to use throughout the wedding. Then you can match the flower color to the bridesmaid dresses & decor. Or that can work the other way around too. If you have no clue what kind of flowers you want, choose the bridesmaid dresses first. Then you can choose flowers that have colors to match the dresses.

4. What colors look good on you? Most likely as the bride you will be wearing white or off-white, however, consider what colors look good with your skin tone, or the makeup you will be wearing the day of the wedding, or even your hair color. You will usually be holding your bouquet for bridal portraits and sometimes holding it up near your face for a few pics, so, just something to think about Don't stress too much over it, tho! :)

5. Pick what makes you happy! Do you have a favorite color? If your not sure, look around your house, what color do you tend to lean toward? From a photo standpoint, as long as everything is coordinated color-wise, such as, the dresses and flowers, it will look good in the photos. I try my best to find the perfect spots/back drops at the photo location that look good with the colors you choose.

5. Use as many colors as you want! It's your day, pick what color combos you like best and go for it! I have seen wedding parties wearing all the same color, some with 2-3 different colors and I even saw one where each member of the wedding party wore a different color. It actually looked really cool. You can be as traditional or unique as you like!

6. You don't have to have a color palette! If your not a big fan of color, go with neutral tones. That way, you can match anything to it.

Hope these tips help when choosing your wedding colors!

Look online at Pinterest or other inspirational websites for color combo ideas!

Here are some fun ideas from The Knot:


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