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10 Wedding Tips for Brides

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Just a few tidbits I've learned while photographing weddings that I thought I would pass along to you. Hopefully its helpful! :)

1. Don't run down the isle...lol! You might be nervous which causes brides to walk fast. Keep in mind Your photographer be there capturing you so try to walk at a decent pace. And smile! Or you might cry. And that's ok too. :)

2. Bring an emergency kit! You never know when a button is going to pop off or a hair falls out of place or something gets on your dress! Of course, you don't want any of those things to happen but you need to be prepared, just in case. Here are some things to include: sewing kit, straight pins, bandaids, kleenex, hairspray, safety pins, shout wipes, lint rollar, clear nail polish, bobby pins, fashion tape, oil blotters, chapstick, white chalk (why? you ask...it hides stains!). Oh and don't forget water & snacks...which leads me to #3.

3. Eat! Plan out the food & snacks ahead of time to have throughout the day of your wedding. Have lunch catered in or delegate a bridesmaid or parent to go pick up some sandwiches. You need to make sure to eat to keep up your stamina throughout the day. It will be a long time before dinner comes and we don't want you passing out!

4. Walk around in your wedding shoes at home before the big day. This might help break them in a little AND you can get used to walking in them. That way you don't have any accidents the day of the wedding. Also, once you put your dress on it may feel different walking in the shoes, so a little practice ahead of time won't hurt.

5. Make sure you can sit comfortably in your dress before your wedding day. You don't want any surprises the day of, so putting on the dress at home and sitting down a few times to make sure everything fits comfortably is a good idea. You don't want any unwanted rips or tears on the big day!

6. While getting ready on your wedding day, make sure to wear something that you don't mind being photographed in. Your photographer will most likely capture getting ready photos, so just something to keep in mind. Sometimes brides & bridesmaids wear matching shirts or robes while getting ready. They always look cute in photos!

7. Have an unplugged ceremony! This means no cell phones. Mainly because during the ceremony everyone usually has their phone out recording & photographing you walking down the isle (some people even lean into the aisle), which will be in the background of your professional photos! They don't mean to, it's just what happens. A way to do this politely is to make (or order) a sign that says in a nice way to please refrain from this during the ceremony. After that they are free to take all the photos they want. :)

8. Do a makeup & hair trial run before the big day. Just to make sure you like it and to see if anything needs to be tweaked. This might save time & stress of having to have a "redo" on the actual day.

9. If you have tons of buttons on the back of your dress, bring a crochet hook to use for the buttoning. It makes it much easier. It also would be helpful if the one doing the buttoning just got their nails done!

10. Relax! I know, easier said than done but you want to enjoy your day. Try not to stress about every little detail. In my experience, anytime there has been a hiccup at a wedding, most likely no one will even know. So you shouldn't worry about it and definitely don't let it ruin your day. You will have plenty of people there to help you along the way and help things run smoothly.


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