Your wedding images are an investment! After the day is over, they are what you have to look back on and “relive” the moment (especially after all that planning!)....they are what you have to remember how you felt, how he looked at you, those happy tears from mom, that precious hug from grandma, that kiss on the cheek from dad...the cake will be gone, the flowers will be gone, the moments are gone, but the images you will keep forever.

Wedding Packages start at $1,950


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I’ve been asked before if I travel for weddings. The answer is...Yes! Some people would rather choose their photographer at home and take them to the destination vs. trying to find one at the destination and not really know what you are getting. It also makes it easier to communicate, make the photography plans, meet with the photographer, get to know them, etc...from home vs. waiting until you get there. Contact Impulse Imagery if your planning a destination wedding, I’d love to discuss it with you!

Impulse Imagery by Nicole Hardy

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