Q) What is your photography style?

A) I love color! Bright, vivid, deep color. However, I also like black & white on certain images. You will receive mostly color images but some in black & white, as well.

Q) Do you mostly take formal shots at the wedding?

A) I cover all the formal family shots most bride & grooms want, however, I also capture lots of candid, "in the moment" shots. 

Q) How will I know what photos we are doing and when?

A) I will create a timeline beforehand of all the photos we will be doing and what time they will take place. This will be approved by you, as well! It's also a good idea to let family members/friends know what time they need to arrive for photos.

Q) Will all the images be edited?

A) Yes.

Q) Can we have the unedited images, as well?

A) You will only receive the edited images. 

Q) My aunt/uncle/cousin does photography, as well. Is it a problem if they take photos at the wedding too?

A) It is not a problem, as long as they do not interfere with the professional photographers and the events we are trying to capture. :)

Q) It’s going to be really dark at the reception, do you have lighting?

A) I always have additional lighting and flash to use at the reception.

Q) How long will you stay at the reception?

A) The number of hours (for the day) will be determined ahead of time and depending on how many hours are in your package. However, additional hours can be added on- if needed. 

Q) How many digital images come with my package?

A) The number of images varies depending on your particular wedding needs, however, approx. 500+ edited digital images typically come with a wedding package.

Q) Will my images come on a CD/DVD?

A) You will receive the images on a memory stick, as well as, access to an online gallery.

Q) Do we have the printing rights to the images?

A) Yes. You will have the printing rights to the images. You can order professional prints through Impulse but are not required to. Keep in mind when ordering images through another source, the colors and quality of the images may not look the same as the original.

Q) What if your equipment malfunctions during the wedding?

A) I carry back up of my equipment needed for the day in the event that something should malfunction. 

Q) Will there be a second shooter?

A) Yes, a second shooter is provided in all packages. The second shooter helps by shooting different angles and other events going on while the main photographer is photographing the bride & groom and other major events.

Q) What happens if there is an unforeseen emergency at the last minute and you cannot be there to photograph the wedding?

A) The second shooter would then photograph the wedding. In addition, I would find a replacement to the best of my ability to have at the wedding to photograph, as well.